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School parliament

Why a parliament?

  • Initiated in 2010, to develop leadership in senior students, the School Parliament allows more Year 6¬†¬†students to participate in leadership activities.
  • It fosters co-operation, decision-making and initiative.
  • It also allows every student in the school to have input into what happens at school.
  • The whole school is involved in the election of the Ministry.

2023 Parliament Team

  • Prime Minister: Sebastian Wright
  • Deputy Minister: Isabella Owens-Roberts
  • Minister: Tyrone Connolly
  • Minister: Billie Fitzgerald

Election of ministers

  • Year 5 students nominate to be elected into the Ministry. Speeches are presented and Kindergarten through to Year 6 students vote for their preferred leaders.
  • The Ministers and Staff vote to elect the Prime Minister and Deputy-Prime Minister.
  • The Prime Minister organises the Cabinet and allocates portfolios.

Parliament sessions

  • There are generally 3 parliament sessions each term.
  • Bills can be initiated by any student and are read out by ministers in the week before a parliament session.
  • Bills are presented at Parliament, discussed and voted on.
  • Passed Bills: the Senate (the teaching staff) pass or reject or amend bills.
  • Bills that are passed then proceed to the Governor General (Principal).
  • Rejected or amended bills are returned to the Ministry.

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